Our Mission

The Soliman Foundation focuses on three core areas and aims to empower the people behind each one and amplify their voices and opportunities. 


Our platform, KID Talks, connects with youth organisations and partners from Teenage Cancer Trust, Royal Albert Hall, Apprentice Nation and more. 

Our aim is to create a source of information and inspiration for young people trying to get into music because information is useless without the element of self belief, determination and focus. 

KID Talks aims to inspire young people to look beyond themselves and their environments and believe in what they can achieve and see the music industry as a realistic target as opposed to a distant dream.

Creative projects.

Through the power of music, we strategically partner with artists who have a passion for global issues and causes close to their heart. Whether this be Oxxxymiron’s Russians Against War shows or Billie Eilish’s & Support + Feed’s Overheated fighting climate change and inspiring a new generation of activists, the Soliman Foundation has a passion for getting behind these with creative solutions to bring awareness and raise money and calls to action.

Philanthropic Grants.

At the Soliman Foundation we care about helping those who really need it. We work closely with partners as charities such as Centre Point to pitch in on the journey to end youth homelessness by 2037. 

We also aim to offer grants to youth football teams as well as shelters and other opportunities within our community on a yearly basis. Every penny is accounted for to go directly to the cause at hand.