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From the Overheated Documentary to shows against war. The Soliman Foundation leverages relationships to create impactful moments for important issues. 

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Overheated is a bold and cerebral film a breathtaking commentary on the climate crisis that’s unlike anything we’ve seen or heard before. Directed by Yassa Khan and produced by Sage and Soliman Foundation, this 38 minute kaleidoscopic journey propels us through the psyche of some of the world’s most prominent figures in Music, Fashion and Climate Activism, and harnesses the beauty and fragility of the natural world, colliding it with the frenetic chaos of our realities. 

Featuring appearances from Billie Eilish, Vivienne Westwood, Girl in Red, Yungblud, Vanessa Nakate and Emily Eavis, the film paints a truly unique portrait of each individual figure, and displays a vulnerability and openness as they confront their hopes, struggles and fears in the face of a critically overheating planet.

Central to the film are the voices who represent the frontlines of climate change: Daniella Ingabire from Burundi, one of the African nations hit hardest by flooding and the effects of the crisis, and the Waorani tribe from the Amazon rainforest & the Sámi people of Sápmi, who speak of the startling loss of indigenous knowledge and habitats. The narrative is centered around one overwhelming question, asked by Billie Eilish herself: are we doing enough? The answer is one which plays on all of our minds, but this film instills us with a sense of hope that inspires change. Because if we can focus on the small incremental steps that are within our power, together we can change the course of our planet’s future, which is of course our own future. 

Event & Documentary

Russians Against War

The Russians Against War show was put together with leading Russian artist Oxxxymiron who felt it important to highlight that most Russians indeed to do not support this senseless war.

As with most moments of turmoil in life, it felt as though there was a rapidly developing negative feeling towards the citizens of the country and through music we aim to put on three shows, in Istanbul, London and Berlin which were livestreamed globally in order to demonstrate that the people will unite.

Raising over 50,000 GBP for a Polish charity, the Russian Against War shows were a massive success.

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